Zune HD Review: Finally, an iPod Competitor?

The Tom's Guide review of Microsoft's new Zune HD makes a few things clear: the Zune HD is not an iPod copycat, the Zune HD is a serious competitor to the iPod Touch, and the Zune HD is not perfect. However, with this product Microsoft is showing that it (finally) knows where the Zune is headed. Head on over to Tom's Guide to find out why.

Our review focuses on differences between the iPod Touch and the Zune HD, the hardware and software interfaces, and various ways to get media on the device without buying it outright.

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  • mi1ez
    Actually tempted to import one of these if they release a bigger one and it scrobbles.
  • Clove
    i hope it becomes a hit...i'ev got an iPod Touch and love it.. BUT i would like a gud competitor to get rid of the apple tax...this could probably sync with my xbox too:)
  • devilxc
    PCs are a good competitor to macs but they still have apple tax...