ZealPC Announces Zealios Silent Tactile Switches

ZealPC began as a small company producing custom sleeved cables, but now it’s become an essential part of the mechanical keyboard community. Its latest contribution is Silent Tactile switches, which the company has now confirmed that it’s working on.  

In the past, ZealPC created the Zealio switch, Zealencio silencing clips,transparent screw-in stabilizers, and the popular Zeal60 programmable RGB 60% PCB. This unique mix of products has gained it a reputation as a respected innovator in the mechanical keyboard space.

The new Silent Tactile switches from ZealPC will include a dampener built into the switch stem. Cherry Silent switches use a similar design, but notably, it appears that ZealPC will beat Cherry to the punch with a Silent Tactile switch. Cherry offers Silent switches only in two linear versions, Red and Black.

We can’t confirm at this time whether ZealPC will use the same material as Cherry to create this dampener, but the dampener built into Cherry Silent switches uses TPE, a thermoplastic rubber. This reduces the noise when bottoming out and topping out the switch and reduces the travel distance only 0.3mm, from 4.0mm to 3.7mm. This is in contrast to alternative ways of reducing noise, such as O-rings or dampening pads, which reduce the travel distance by 1.5mm or more. O-rings and dampening pads can only reduce the bottom-out noise; they don’t have the ability to reduce any top out noise. (Bottom-out noise is when the stem of the switch hits the bottom of the switch housing, and top-out noise is when the switch returns to its original unpressed state.)

After the new Silent Tactile switches are created, ZealPC will begin work on making Silent Clicky switches.

Zealio switches are some of the only switches that include a transparent switch housing on the base of the switch. This transparent housing is not only great for backlighting, but the nylon material provides a smoother response than the plastics used in Cherry or Gateron switch housings.

No information is available regarding the weight of the new Silent switches. ZealPC’s traditional Tactile switches come in many different varieties, ranging from 62g - 78g.

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