Zalman's Big CPU Cooler with Integrated Remote

One of the few interesting end-user cooling devices we've come across on the show floor so far is Zalman's CNPS10X CPU cooler.

The behemoth of a heatsink utilizes a total of five heatpipes to conduct heat away from your processor, feeding all that thermal energy into an endless wave of fins. A big, high-CFM fan on the front cools the heatsink but what makes the device unique is the removable remote.

With the remote, you can adjust different speeds or put the unit into complete auto made. The remote can be plugged directly into the heatsink itself, or be operated by an extension cable.

We can't help but think some sort of short range wireless solution be integrated, for true wireless controlling of the heatsink inside the case. This way, you can have the chassis completely closed, but still have quick access to extra cooling at a finger's touch. The remote itself has 2 LEDs, a surface button and a wheel for adjusting speeds.

Zalman informed us that the CNPS10X will come in several different colors.

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  • Pei-chen
    I thought computer case is designed to shield EM radiation so will wireless remote works I don't know.
  • tipoo
    Wouldnt most cases work as a Faraday Cage?
  • mavroxur
    A remote....with a wire tethering it to the HSF. Even if it was wireless, it still strikes me as a not-so-useful item. If it's going to be wired, it might as well be a front panel control then.