Xbox to hit Japan 2/11/02 + Special Edition Console

The console wars are continuing into 2002 and seem as though they'll be continuing for the foreseeable future. With all the money and marketing thrown at developing and marketing the Xbox, it's not all that surprising that a ton of the things have made it into the world's living rooms. Microsoft says that it has shipped 1.5 million of the gaming consoles in North America so far and the juggernaut that is the Xbox will continue into Asia with sales beginning throughout Japan Feb. 22 at a price of 34,800 yen, with 12 launch games available from Sega, Konami, Capcom, Tecmo, and Microsoft Game Studios. Microsoft plans to have 22 titles in Japanese stores by the end of March. At a news conference in Tokyo, the company also announced the availability of a special limited-edition console designed for the Japanese market. 50,000 Xbox Special Edition consoles will be greenish-black with a translucent textured casing. The jewel portion of the box will have a silver logo with black lettering. In addition to the standard AV adapter and the HDTV and Dolby Digital 5.1-compatible expansion AV pack, a silver-plated key chain will be included in the package. The key chain will feature an engraved serial number and signature from Microsoft head honcho Bill Gates. The Xbox Special Edition will be available for an estimated retail price of 39,800 yen. Preorders of Xbox Special Edition and the standard Xbox console can be made through Japanese Xbox retail stores Feb. 2.

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