Xbox Details Specs for Next Gen 'Scarlett' Console

Some new Xbox silicon.Some new Xbox silicon.

Microsoft debuted its next gen Xbox here at its press conference at E3. Microsoft is calling it Project Scarlett, and it will release in Holiday 2020. No pictures of the system were shown, nor was a price announced.

The next gen console uses AMD's Zen 2 architecture and Navi graphics, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer said it co-engineered with AMD. It also uses GDDR6 memory and an SSD that doubles as virtual RAM.

"It's not just PC, it's not just console, it's not just mobile," one Xbox team member said in a trailer.

Halo: Infinite will launch alongside the system, and you can read more about that here.

Previously, competitor Sony had detailed that its next-gen PlayStiation would be based on AMD's Zen 2 8-core processors and Navi graphics, support ray-tracking, and, in some circumstances, offer 8K graphics. The company also said it will use an SSD out of the box and have a custom audio chip.

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  • epobirs
    It's funny how both Sony and Microsoft refuse to come out and say they'll use a PCIe 4.0 SSD for main storage when it's painfully obvious and such will already long be available in PCs by the time those consoles launch. Why be mysterious at this point?

    A bigger question to me is what will be available for going beyond the base storage. Will there be a second M.2 slot, packaged in a way to make it easy for consumers to plug in more storage? What will be the USB version? If USB 3.2, that will offer a big boost over current gen, even if it pales before the throughput of the internal storage. The companies could apply some analysis to the games to determine which ones will most benefit from being prioritized to use the internal faster storage. A smallish game that entirely reside in RAM or close to it would get less benefit than some sprawling epic with very frequent random accesses.
  • hotaru251
    use a PCIe 4.0 SSD for main storage

    TBH i hope not.

    given the "specs" these are either gonna be huge or there gonna be extremely hot while gaming.

    pcie 4.0 is already suggested to run hot in normal PC's. in a small console package this would liekly be much worse.
  • bit_user
    Xbox Details Specs for Next Gen 'Scarlett' Console

    Eh, kinda thin on the details, really. I think we could've guessed this much.

    Okay, not necessarily ray tracing, but Zen2, Navi, GDDR6, SSD, and VRR - and that typically means the potential for framerates > 60 Hz.

    IMO, the biggest news is the release date.