UK Won't Get Xbox OneGuide Until 2014

If you plan on buying a brand new Xbox One when it's released later this month, you might wonder where Xbox OneGuide feature has gotten to. No, it's not a bug. Microsoft this week confirmed that gamers in the UK won't get Xbox OneGuide until next year.


TechRadar cites Terry Farrell, Senior Product Manager at Xbox, as saying the UK won’t get the feature until "some time in 2014." Microsoft said making sure the HDMI pass through works with all the different set-top boxes and integrating the guide features with different providers are both delaying the process.

Xbox OneGuide allows you to view TV listings and channels via the Xbox dashboard. You don’t have to mess around with your television remote to switch inputs, and then hunt down your cable remote just to see what’s on. Instead, you can view all that information inside the Xbox One ecosystem. You can even ask your Xbox One (via Kinect) what’s on a certain channel. Pretty nifty!

According to TechRadar, UK gamers will still be able to pass the Xbox One through their current digital boxes (most will be supported from launch) but the Guide functionality won't be there.

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