Microsoft Releases First Xbox One System Update

If you purchased the latest Xbox console last month, you'll be seeing the console's very first system update today. This is a required update and was made available by Microsoft at 5pm PT on Tuesday, December 10.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb wrote in his official blog that the update addresses SmartGlass issues as well as issues with players rejoining games in multiplayer and issues with inconsistent notifications. There's also fixes for dashboard problems, an update for the wireless networking driver, and improvements to Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time.

Hryb says the folks at Redmond have 'quite a few' updates planned for the next year based on community feedback. Those with Instant On will see the update download in the background and the update will be applied the next time they turn on their console. If you don't have Instant On activated, you'll have to download and apply the update manually. You can do this starting tomorrow, December 12, at 2am PT.

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  • shine8210
    Microsoft the update company.
  • sunflier
    Does anyone know if xBox One allows you to turn the console on via SmartGlass? As far as I know you cannot do this with xbox 360.
  • Zombaholic
    thanks for letting us know JM :) they have released a new version of smart glass for xbox one, and by the sounds you cannot turn it on just yet, but it looks like they will be adding it in future for you :)

    check this out: its one of the QA's

    also not sure how many of you are aware of the new 4Chans troll.

    dont try to make you console backward compatible, it will brick it lmao.