More Inside Pictures of the New Xbox 360 S

Our pals at AnandTech have taken apart one of the new Xbox 360 S consoles to show just what the insides are like for this new and hopefully improved version.

Just as suspected, the new Xbox 360 chip integrates both CPU, GPU and eDRAM in one 45nm package. This not only saves cost in manufacturing, but also simplifies cooling.

Another interesting thing to note is that the internal wireless isn't integrated into the system at all; rather, it is just a wireless card plugged right into an internal USB port.

This could be a sign that the upcoming $199 Xbox 360 S won't have wireless simply by Microsoft not plugging a card into the internal USB. This would be a simpler solution than to design two different motherboards for the separate price points.

The new Xbox 360 S also gets put to the test in terms of how much juice it uses. Not surprisingly, the newer design is head and shoulders above all previous designs in terms of efficiency. In fact, when compared to the original launch Xbox 360 unit, the new design consumes less than half the power.

Check out the full article to see the explanations for the images below.

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  • ulysses35
    Wow... I confess I was wrong... MS have actually put a pc style active HSF on the new Xbox...

    Better late than never !!
  • Eclectik
    Is the CPU and GPU combined now?
  • irish_adam
    EclectikIs the CPU and GPU combined now?

    no its just hiding from you in the pictures