The Windows Phone 7.5 Review, A Month-Long Experience

The Basics: Navigation And Bing Searches


Microsoft requires that every WP7-based smartphone have dedicated back, home, and search buttons. Their functions are all self-explanatory, although the search button operates a little different than what you'd expect from Android or iOS.

Bing Searches

Previously, the search button allowed you to look for something within an application. The Mango update changed that behavior, though, limiting searches to Microsoft's Bing engine.

Hitting the search button and using Bing is not the same as a search performed in Internet Explorer. However, punching in a query brings up a list of results that, if clicked, does open a Web browser.

Finally, there are some added Bing services in WP7 that you won't find on your desktop:

  • Local Scout: Provides information on restaurants, shops, attractions, and events near your current location.
  • Music: Allows you to identify songs that are currently playing.
  • Vision: Scans barcodes, QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, books, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Speech: Voice recognition function (powered by Microsoft Tellme) that allows you to perform a Bing search, call contacts, or launch applications.
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  • mi1ez
    The most popular apps found on Android and iOS are also found on WP7, including Facebook, YouTube, Shazam, Slacker Radio, Twitter, Angry Birds, Netflix, Adobe Acrobat, GasBuddy, Air Hockey, and Skype.

    Adobe Reader?
  • DeChe
    To my knowledge there is not Skype yet on WP7, also a major point missed is the intergrated messaging system allowing you to switch seamlessy between SMS, Facebook chat and MSN. But otherwise nice review learnt a few things myself about Bing search!
  • Anonymous
    I have used Skype on my Nokia 610 its basis but it works.

    I have had mine for 3 weeks and I am liking it. seems more stable than the android on my wife's Xperia
  • jrtolson
    as its windows i guess it will BSOD at the wrong moments like calling emergency services...

    i like the nokia lumia, im just sad not to see Symbian :-( i liked symbian
  • theFatHobbit
    At least apple cant sue over the use of square icons with rounded corners
  • Anonymous
    Where can I get a higher res version of that picture. I love it!!
  • silver565
    I've got a WP7 phone. The only thing I want to see added now is VPN access. This is the one thing Apple & Android have over WP7
  • silver565
    jrtolsonas its windows i guess it will BSOD at the wrong moments like calling emergency services...i like the nokia lumia, im just sad not to see Symbian :-( i liked symbian

    Never had a BSOD. The only issue I get(which is rare). Is that if I unlock the phone at the exact same time I get a Txt the screen can't be used. I have to lock and then unlock it to get it back