Workers in China Protest Nokia-Microsoft Deal

It's tough to find just about any electronics these days that you can buy with a totally clear conscience, and things aren't exactly looking good for the new Nokia-Microsoft mega-corporation. Factory workers originally of Nokia, have taken to protesting outside of their place of work.

The protest was triggered by a new contract that the employees were apparently forced to sign. The new contract contains much worse terms of employment and that they'd ultimately be paid quite a bit less.

Reuters has the full story, as well as some comments from Nokia suggesting that the soon-to-be-bought company is in talks with the protesters. Given the abhorrent working conditions in general, stuff so bad that some workers commit suicide, I'm going to bet that the protesters aren't really asking for anything too unreasonable.

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  • coolitic
    As usual, microsoft sucks now.
  • sirskeetsalot2013
    this is just horrible to do to human beings. And yet people that work for Mc.Donalds here think they should get paid $15.00 (although the minimum wage should be raised, but not that high) and yet these pour souls basically have to live in tents in factory concentration like camps, to slave away like Foxconn workers.
  • bebangs
    the only thing Elop saved during the burning platform was himself.