Leaked Video Shows Windows 8 Metro UI Login

Earlier this week we heard about a leaked version of Windows 8. Now we have another peek at a newer version.

The leak is 7850, and now a video of 7955 has hit the internet. There aren't any big drastic changes to be seen yet, but it does offer another look at the new login screen (which was not an April Fool's Day joke) as well as animated profile pictures.

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  • Anonymous
    ye glods. More bling. Is there an OS somewhere under all the glitter? What about winfs? file versioning, archival, de-duplicating? virtualisation of every programme? a security model that DOESN'T need software from 3rd parties? or any form of scanning at all? a os-level macro record/playback capability? transparent usb stick, phone, mp3 player operation? A contacts system half as good as KDE3 had?
  • Anonymous
    And if I am the only user and I dont want to login. Hate that bullshit from microsoft.
  • mcnaugha
    Seriously? I can't believe this is even been passed off as news. This has to be the weakest changed feature ever in the history of Operating Systems. It must have taken them about five minutes to engineer those changes. Why would someone even bother filming this. From this, Windows 8 looks like it's going to be more like Windows 7.1.