Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 18, Firefox 11, Windows XP

Flash Performance Benchmarks

GUIMark 2 Flash

Surprisingly, IE8 manages to hold onto Internet Explorer's proficiency with Flash, obtaining the highest score at nearly 7 FPS. Opera places second, followed closely by Safari at 6.76 FPS. Firefox comes in fourth with 6.5 FPS, leaving Chrome to finish last at 6.3 FPS. 

The chart below holds the detail view of how each browser performs in the three individual GUIMark 2 Flash tests.

Flash Benchmark 2008

With 4752 points, Safari places first, with Opera only seven points behind in second place. IE8 takes third, trailed by Chrome in fourth and Firefox in fifth place.

The overall results of the Flash testing put IE8, Opera, and Safari out in front. Chrome and Firefox once again display a disadvantage in Flash performance relative to the other three browsers, although the margins aren't quite as wide on this time capsule of test system.

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  • mi1ez
    Good work Opera! well deserved.

    I can't understand why using minimal memory is deemed more important than responsiveness...