Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 18, Firefox 11, Windows XP

Standards Conformance Benchmarks


Ecma test262

Chrome takes the lead in the latest version of test262, beating Opera by just 19 points. Firefox claims third place, 102 points behind Opera. Safari places last, while IE8 does not run.



Chrome also leads in the HTML5Test.com benchmark, earning nearly 50 points more than second-place finisher Opera. Firefox takes third place with a score of 320 out of 475, followed by Safari in fourth place. IE8 is decisively in last place, scoring less than one-tenth of the possible points.

FutureMark Peacekeeper HTML5 Capabilities

Chrome again takes the lead with a perfect score of seven out of seven in the HTML5 Capabilities portion of Peacekeeper. Firefox and Opera tie for second place, earning five out of seven possible points. Safari only earns a single point, while IE8 doesn't get any points, putting it in last place.

Conformance Composite Grade

Chrome earns an A grade in standards conformance, followed by Opera and Firefox with unbelievably close B- and C+ grades (respectively). Safari earns a high failure, and IE8 gets as close to not even showing up to take the test as you can be.

But keep in mind, this conformance grade only takes into account tests in which modern browsers do not earn 100%. IE8 would still be eligible for scores in many of the conformance tests that we've retired from the WBGP. Including those metrics would raise the scores of all contenders, but their positions relative to IE8 wouldn't change.

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  • mi1ez
    Good work Opera! well deserved.

    I can't understand why using minimal memory is deemed more important than responsiveness...