Party's Over, Windows XP: No More on New PCs

Looking to buy a new PC with Windows XP? Two things:

  • Get with the times
  • It's too late

Alright, so maybe you prefer your new PCs with Windows XP – that's just a matter of personal preference, but Microsoft's mandated that new PCs from here on must be preloaded with something newer than an OS from 2001.

On the first birthday of Windows 7, PC makers are now no longer allowed to load Windows XP on new PCs – which in this case are mostly comprised of netbooks.

This does not affect the rules for Windows XP downgrade licenses, which will carry on until 2015, according to ZDnet.

Which version of Windows would you prefer to run on a netbook?

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  • aglarond
    I prefer no Windows. I've installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition and everything is way much faster now. (I have one of those single core Atom processors)
  • LePhuronn
    aglarondI prefer no Windows.

    Yeah, but some of us in the world have work to do.

    If Adobe release all their software tools for Linux I'll jump, but until then I'd just prefer to get on with my job instead of all the bullsh*t that flies around regarding "ooh that OS sucks" or "ooh my bother with that".
  • damian86
    comments are amazing!!!!