Developer Bringing Windows 8 UI to Windows 7

The Windows 8 tile interface that Microsoft showed off a couple weeks ago has been a big hit. The video that Microsoft released has hit 3.7 million views to date. (Click here to see that bit of news.)

While not everyone is thrilled by the tablet inspiration, Microsoft has made it clear that the new interface simply just exists on top of the current, familiar Windows desktop.

With that in mind, some independent developers are working to bring that tile-based UI to Windows 7. WinRumors has highlighted the early work of Italian developer Sergio James Bruccoleri, who is working on a public beta of a Windows 8-like interface that will layer on top of Windows 7.

Bruccoleri says that this demo is in a pre-beta state, and that a public beta will come with "effects and some cool stuffs."

Check out the video demo of his early work, which are clearly free of transition effects.

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  • Silmarunya
    Does. Not. Want.
  • Anonymous
    it looks bloody awful, instead of small icons i can easily place and group its going to use stupid big tiles that mean you can only see about 20 things at a time...and they call it progress.
  • damian86
    SilmarunyaDoes. Not. Want.

    +1 to that.Windows 7 is fine the way it is.IMO, windows 8 ui looks boring.I preffer my taskbar, widgets and Aero peek.