500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"

Purple Place

Windows Vista offers the Purple Place game especially for children. Three small games are available beneath its brightly coloured interface.

Kicking off play in Purple Place: a different game waits behind each building.

Memory is a well-known and beloved game; it is found behind the schoolhouse on the kick-off screen. Recall may be exercised at any of three different levels of difficulty.

When the game is opened, it offers small hints about how it works.

When two cards match, the clover leaves are collected.

Cakes may be baked in the bakery's ovens. The baker must accommodate customer requests, create round or rectangular cakes, and mix in the desired ingredients.

Bakers! Start your ovens...

Off we go: the display shows which cakes may be ordered, and starts to provide the details necessary for their construction."
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