Windows 8 to Have 3 R's: Recovery, Reset, Restore

We all know about "Windows rot," where the operating system slowly degenerates to a slow, sluggish state after numerous installs, uninstalls, and other things that a system accumulates over time.

Those of us who perform good housekeeping practices on our computers keep our Windows installs running better, longer, but that's not the case for everyone. The action of a fresh format and/or reinstall can make things feel new again, even on old hardware. And now it seems that Microsoft could be building a reinstall feature into Windows 8.

As seen in some of the leaked presentation slides, Microsoft could have a recovery option to "reset Windows" while retaining all personal files and user accounts. One of the presentation images shows the option of reinstalling all of the app purchases from the Microsoft App Store. Interesting stuff.


(source: MSFTKitchen)

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  • rsg22
    Nice, I like Microsofts new direction over the past year or so. Windows is great, Office is great, Xbox is great.

    Hope the phone will be good too.
  • excalibur1814
    Corporations will explode with glee when these type of options hit and I really hope they do.
  • mi1ez
    I like!