Tablet Makers Not Rushing Toward Windows 8

Tablet makers apparently are still focusing on Android 4.0 for now and could be shifting some of their interest to Windows later this year, a report published by Digitimes said. "Most brand vendors will not rush" to introduce Windows 8 tablets until Q4, the site wrote.

Current demand for tablets, which isn't overwhelming outside the Apple world, seems to have convinced tablet makers that there is no urgency required to get a Windows tablet out onto store shelves. The necessary testing time of new Windows tablets could be another reason why many tablet makers are simply sticking with Android for now, if Digitimes is right.

The publication also noted that Microsoft's recent $300 million announcement in Barnes & Noble may have confused some tablet makers and raised concerns about Microsoft's content strategy for Windows 8.

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  • silver565
    I'm actually quite keen for a windows 8 tablet. Although in saying that, I'm waiting for the new ICS tablets to come out too...