Windows 8 In Videos: An Operating System Reimagined?

Tablet And Smartphone: Keyboard

Touch Keyboard

Windows 8 Preview: Touch Keyboard, Metro UI

Metro really shines on tablets and smartphones. We’re specifically referring to the touch keyboard, which comes in three modes: thumb-only, full, and handwriting recognition. No matter what mode you're using, the virtual keyboard (or writing panel) appears docked at the bottom of the screen. But you can move it around as a floating window.

Windows 8 Preview: Touch Keyboard - Handwriting Recognition, Metro UI

The colour scheme is similar to Honeycomb, but that’s just one similarity to Android. For mixed input, you still need to use a function key to alternate the layout because there’s no dedicated row for numbers. The awesome part of the interface comes from the innovative thumbs-only keyboard layout. It’s undoubtedly intended for tablets and smartphones, and in our opinion, the keyboard will speed up typing compared to the hunt-and-peck approach encouraged by virtual keyboards.

There is one slight quirk. Unless you have the Samsung developer tablet handed out at BUILD, the touch keyboard doesn’t appear in Metro mode. On our Asus Eee Slate EP121, we can only access the touch keyboard in the Vanilla UI. This also holds true for our desktop equipped with Wacom’s Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch.

Windows 8 Preview: On-Screen Keyboard, Vanilla

If you're using a regular desktop or notebook, there’s no way to access the virtual interface. This is a bummer for developers because they can't test their programs as they'd appear on more mobile devices.

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  • may1
    Buy a cheap windows tablet and add remote access, connect it to a windows 8 PC.

    Ah yeah :)
  • mi1ez
    I don't like it...
  • chechak
    sorry iam not interested in win8 ...!
    thnx but no thanx
  • Diablo13
    Who is actually going to buy this?
    I see no point in this clumsy interface for the normal pc or laptop user, it is simply a pointless step too far.
    While it may work for an Xbox 360 with Kinect, it looks like a glorified media player and too much emphasis is being placed on social networking these days!
    I wouldn't have Win 8 even if it was a free upgrade.
  • Qris
    I agree, it looks extremely pointless and bloated to the limits (20GB!). PC users want to configure their own machines whichever way they see fit, all the apps mentioned in this article seem completely useless to me.

    This is an abomination that should not be ever released on the PC. From what I have seen thus far I presume that Microsoft's search for system unification will result in a terrible, unintuitive and time-and-energy-consuming PC operating system that is nowhere near Windows XP in terms of speed and intuitiveness. I'm sticking with XP for as long as I possibly can.