Microsoft Rumored to Change Windows Logo in Windows 8

The iconic Microsoft Windows "flag" logo could be getting a makeover in time for the launch of Windows 8. We all know this logo very well:


Going even further back, we can see the wavy flag inspiration's humble beginnings:

According to cnBeta, Microsoft will be straightening things out and the new Windows logo will do away with the curves to look more like a real-world window:


The supposed upcoming logo also matches up well with the square and rectangle design language of Metro.

It's unconfirmed, as even the latest leaked builds of Windows 8 still feature the present flag logo, but we'll know soon enough.

Read more from @MarcusYam on Twitter.

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  • seumas_beathan
    That looks terrible :L
  • rajaawad23
    not enjoying all the new changes with windows 8, we need Bill Gates back ASAP!
  • silver565
    Windows 8 has some good features, but I don't like the general changes. I'd rather have the little features added to win7. Such as pausing copying and a better task manager