Windows 8 Has a Slightly Friendlier Blue Screen of Death

Those blue screens of death (BSoD) are never a good thing in Windows. It makes pros cringe and casual computer users cry out for help.

Unfortunately, system crashes are a part of any computer platform, but Microsoft is making it a little less cryptic and scary. This is what the BSoD looks like in the developer preview of Windows 8 released yesterday:

So it's still blue and it doesn't change the fact that the system needs to restart after a crash, but at least it's not a confusing mess of letters and numbers.

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  • tranzz
    What were you doing?? If you could also give me the details of the system and i will see if I can help.
  • Silmarunya
    BSOD's used to be mildly informative: often, the error code gave you at least some sort of hint as to what piece of software or hardware caused the issue. This thing? Not so much.

    I know simple and user friendly became the norm in the wake of Apple's and Google's success, but user friendly doesn't have to mean dumbed down. Apple didn't learn that lesson properly and MS isn't learning it either...
  • mactronix
    What I would rather it say is Sorry it appears your (Insert relevant hardware here) has an issue why not test it.