Windows 7 Surpasses 10% of Internet User Share

Consumers and businesses are much warmer towards Windows 7 than they were towards Windows Vista – and the numbers are showing it.

According to data collected by Net Applications, relayed by Ars Technica, Windows 7 now has a greater than 10 percent market share amongst internet users. While this it still represents the smallest piece of the current Windows pie, historical comparisons show that the uptake of Windows 7 is more than twice of what Windows Vista did in its first five months of availability.

Now, it seems that businesses are starting to look into moving to Windows 7 as XP shows its age.

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  • Lewis57
    The windows 7 market share should of been compared to exisiting XP market share. We all know vista was a failure.

    Also, my college is now picking up 7 to replace XP which is great.
  • flaminggerbil
    It's a shame that relatively few people are picking up Win7 to replace XP when it's vastly superior, the less technologically adept people are worried about shifting over to a new system but dont yet realise that 7 is a helluva lot simpler to use.
  • guanyu210379
    My windows history :
    Windows 2.1 was good.
    95 was good.
    98 was good.
    NT was good.
    ME was garbage.
    2000 for my small home server was good.
    XP was a big sucess.
    2003 for my small home server is good (Still running 2003 for my small home server...haven't tried 2008...)
    Vista was garbage.
    7 is a success and gonna be a big success.