Windows 7: Over 175 Million Licenses Served

Along with the reveal of big revenues, Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 is selling quite well. Yes, the great sales of Windows 7 helps drive the revenue, so it should be no surprise that Microsoft have moved 175 million copies of the OS.

"This continues our record breaking pace of more than 7 copies sold per second. And as of today – Windows 7 is now running on more than 16% of all PCs worldwide," Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft community manager, blogged. "It's exciting to see this kind of response from customers who have helped make Windows 7 the fastest selling operating system in history."

Thanks to the bundling of Internet Explorer 8 with Windows 7, Microsoft boasts that IE8 is the fastest growing and most popular web browser in the market.

Read more about Microsoft's earnings here.

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  • hemburger
    mmm i'll stick with firefox ;D
  • Dandalf
    This is only the fastest selling OS ever Microsoft, because you borked Vista, and people have been desperate to get off XP which you've done your best to make an 'artificially' sinking ship.

    Not exactly a triumph of software development, more a failure cascade mixed in with some draconian production. Why not actually innovate for once, and create software that people buy because they want rather than need it?
  • jamie_macdonald
    vista was fine for me, and the problems i had in vista (albeit small ones) are still here in win7 does seem like a paticularly "thickle" market... i dont think enough of you remember what really bad operating systems were like? (like wiping your data reformatting after a bluescreen ala win95/98).

    Vista was far better than XP and was made for modern hardware .. not old PC upgrade that was half the problem. Win7 is a very slightly more efficient vista with a "touched up" taskbar think thats what made it sell more when its pinned on the same OS architechture just makes the populous that say it's so much better sound very ill informed.

    I'm happy with the progression so far ... i use win7 at home, vista in work ... and linux for my server ... all of wich are fine when used by a normal PC user ...

    i guess people "hold their PC wrong" xD