Win 7 Touch Pack Gives You True Multitouch

One of the coolest projects from Microsoft is Surface, which presents a graphical user interface designed specifically for touch input – even resembling some of the things we see in science fiction movies.

The problem with surface is that the setup for it is impractical for home use. Surface is more of a showcase item. But thanks to Windows 7 Touch Pack, upcoming PCs with touch-sensitive screens running the next-generation OS will be able to bring the same Surface-like experience without the need for the large hardware.

Gizmodo recently went hands on and shared its experience along with a video. Check it out here.

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  • malphas
    Why would I want to hold my arms out, getting fingerprints all over my screen when I can just use my mouse with about a thousand times less effort?
  • waxdart
    Well I'd like to be able to child proof that some how. jam and toys being smashed into it. Plus being jumped on!