Report: Windows 7 SP1 Coming Summer/Fall 2010

Despite being officially on sale for less than two weeks, Windows 7's been done for months now. And those same Windows developers has been working on the next evolution of the OS. Yes, there will be a Windows 8, but before that there needs to be maintenance for all the current Windows users.

While Microsoft hasn't said anything yet about the first Service Pack for Windows 7, it's an inevitability. Russian site Wzor has information that points to the first beta of Windows 7 SP1 hitting around January 2010. Allegedly, the release schedule for SP1 will include two betas and two release candidates.

According to Neowin, Wzor believes that OEMs will have SP1 during the summer months and end users will be able to install it in the fall.

The first service pack for any Windows OS is significant as that's when many IT departments and some users choose to take the plunge. This blog on InformationWeek urges those who want a new Windows to consider jumping sooner rather than later. Would you agree?

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  • mactronix
    Totally agree. Its almost legend now, in fact I'm fairly sure there is an old charter or something that says you wait for the first SP before you move OS. I know i always have.
    The fact that teh RC was out for so long means that if you are into PCs at all then you should have been running it and any issues you had are sorted by know. Kinda like tweaking and fault finding time was given for free. So no need to wait and see what it runs like you should know.
    I hope MS continue doing this with the RC of new releases as i can see one hell of a backlash if they release W8 without the mass RC again.
  • Anonymous
    this made news how?

    Ofcourse they are working on SP1, what the do you think they would be doing?
    Ofcourse they are working on the next version of windows. Did TH really think Microsoft just stopped coding?


    straight from the mouth of a random aussie guy, much better then the random russian this article was based on.
  • timbozero
    The 'professionals' rule fo thumb to migrate to a new OS only after the first service pack has been a good one for many years but ...
    Due to the age of Windows XP and the reliability issues (still) of Windows Vista, I have already 'taken the plunge' into Windows 7 and so far have no regrets. Early reports showed that, even at open beta stage, Windows 7 was more useable and stable than Vista. The choice of remaining on an antiquated OS or 'risking' Windows 7 was not a hard one and, has proven pleasing so far.