Ballmer: Win 7 Sales 'Fantastic', 2x Predecessors

With all its evolutionary, but significant, improvements over Vista, Windows 7 was to be the piece of software that would turn things around for the PC industry.

While it remains to be seen just what sort of long-term effect it'll have, initial inspections have most parties fairly pleased. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, not one to ever hide his excitement, characterized Windows 7 sales as "fantastic."

"Since launch, we've already sold twice as many units of Windows 7 than any other operating system we've ever launched in a comparable time," Ballmer said, according to PC World.

"Windows 7 is the simply best PC operating system we have ever built," Ballmer added. "It enables people to do more of what they want to do more easily and more quickly, and customers are responding."

Interestingly, Ballmer did not attach a number of unit sales to the term "fantastic," but the Wall Street Journal has supposedly pegged the number sold at 40 million copies sold, though it's unclear if that is just retail, OEM, bundled, or a combination.

Either way, it seems that Ballmer has a good reason to monkey dance.

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