Windows 7 Shipping Sept/Oct, Says Compal

Until Windows 7 is announced to have gone gold and/or released to manufacturers, we’re likely to see continued speculation on the shipping date of Microsoft’s highly-anticipated operating system.

The company isn’t sharing any details on the possibility of an earlier-than-expected release of Windows 7, but Ray Chen, president of Taipei-based Compal Electronics Inc., (the maker of laptop personal computers for HP and Acer) shared information at an investor’s meeting that could point to fall.

“According to current planning, it should be late September or early October,” Chen said regarding the release of Windows 7, reports Bloomberg. Chen also forecast worldwide notebook shipments this year will be little changed from 2008 at 120 million to 125 million units, which some could find optimistic with the recession.

This news follows speculation that Windows 7 would be hitting its release candidate milestone on April 10, which if true, could make a release this year very possible.

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  • eddieseven
    i wont go back to Vista, I simply wont.
    I've been using se7en beta since release and to be quite honest, it's a breath of fresh air compared side by side.