Ballmer's Signs Windows 7 Signature Edition

Just over a month ago, Microsoft announced that it was teaming up with House Party to help people around the world throw Windows 7-themed parties the week following the launch of the new OS.

Those selected to hold Windows 7 parties can upload photos and videos, chat with other hosts and blog. The real incentive for the host to throw one of these parties is the free special Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and a Windows 7 Party Pack.

At the time we didn't know much about what "Signature Edition" meant, but now we know thanks to reports on the internet from those who have received their party packs.

Essentially, it's a promotional copy of Windows 7 Ultimate that comes in a special box adorned with a printed reproduction of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's John Hancock. Check out the photos from StuffiWrote for more.

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  • david__t
    Not long before these get an airing on eBay...