Microsoft Shows Official Windows 7 Box Art

Last month, Polish website CentrumXP posted several box shots of Windows 7. We weren’t sure if they were just mockups or just very exclusive and early leaks – but it turns out that they were on the money.

On Microsoft’s Store is a preview page for Windows 7. While pricing remains a mystery, it seems that the boxes will look something like this:

What do you think of Microsoft's multiple SKUs of Windows 7? Do you think Microsoft should just sell one consumer version of Windows for one flat price?

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  • Clintonio
    If the flat price was around the price of Home Premium, then it'd be awesome. But, a lot of people still aren't willing to pay "loads" for Windows (yet fail to realise Mac OSX isn't better, yet Linux is free). I'm happy to buy Ultimate if it means I get my hands on the features that 99% of users won't use anyway. If I have to pay a few pennies for what amounts to extra applications with the OS, it's no different to me paying some random company. Yet, with M$, I know it'll be tightly integrated, and that's how I like my Remote Desktop and other underlying and important OS features (Internet Browser firmly excluded, ****ing IE)
  • shoota
    looks like vista's artwork. they should have done something completely different just for the sake of separating from vista. one sku would be nice just for the sake of simplicity but i understand why they do it.
  • Micropat
    Are the boxes really different sizes? (eg. see the way professional is bigger than home premium). If I go through with my build plans I'll be needing to get ultimate I guess.