Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Update Now Live

Earlier this month, we detailed that Microsoft was prepping a Windows 7 Update that would improve Windows Activation Technologies to detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits.

Those paying attention to their Windows Update will see that the patch KB971033 is now live. It's not explicitly named anything to do with Windows Activation Technologies, as it's simply termed as an "Update for Windows 7."

Microsoft previously pointed out that this update is completely voluntary and users can decline the update when it appears (though we can't imagine why legitimate users would worry). Of course, if a hack or exploit is found, Windows 7 will alert the user by removing the desktop background and pop up periodic reminders of just how non-genuine it is feeling.

Read more about the patch here.

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  • padlius
    Is that games or just illegal version of windows.
  • mi1ez
    Just Windows. Although if you have illegal games I should keep quiet. We don't like piracy...
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    That's just great... another background process for us all... Legal users get the advantage of losing performance because of the amount of illegal users...

    Thats a bit over it's probably very low footprint but still...