Microsoft Squashes Bugs With Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15058

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15058 to Fast Ring members of the Windows Insider Program. Much like other recent preview builds, this latest offering is more focused on addressing problems with earlier updates than on adding new features to the operating system.

The company said Build 15058 fixed problems that would cause inbox apps to crash on launch; squashed a number of bugs relating to the Microsoft Edge browser; and nixed some particularly worrisome issues that made Windows crash when a device went to sleep or certain settings were accessed. Minor flaws, such as a mouse pointer staying visible during a full screen video or apps showing their package name in the title bar, were also addressed.

Microsoft also offered some more information about a bug causing games to crash when they're launched. The company said that "a misconfiguration of advertising ID that happened in a prior build" created problems for new user accounts created in Build 15031 and persisted across subsequent builds. If you're affected by this problem, Microsoft said in its blog post that deleting the following registry key should stop it from reoccurring:


This build still has some problems, of course, some of which have been present for a while. If you're interested in giving Microsoft's new Beam game broadcasting service a shot, for example, you should know that "certain hardware configurations" might "cause the broadcast live review window in the Game bar to flash Green while you are Broadcasting." But don't fret-- the problem is only visible to broadcasters and doesn't show up on streams.

That's Build 15058 in a nutshell. You can find the complete list of bug fixes and known issues in Microsoft's blog post. If you're interested to know what else has been teased via these preview builds, such as a new picture-in-picture feature, the performance enhancing Game Mode, or various improvements to Cortana, we've got you covered. All these features and more should publicly debut with the Windows 10 Creators Update this Spring.

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