Windows 10 October Update May Wipe Files, Have Driver Issues

While you may want to get the latest features in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update as soon as possible, make sure that you back up your files first. Some users are reporting that the update is causing files in the user directory to be deleted, including documents, photos and music. MSPoweruser first reported the news.

On Reddit, a thread in r/Windows10 (the Windows 10 community on the platform) has compiled several reports of the issue. Others are discussing the issue on Twitter and in Microsoft's own forums.

Several users and reports are suggesting that the issue has something to do with OneDrive. Some users suggest that folders and documents backed up to OneDrive are the ones most likely to make it through the update.

Tom's Hardware has reached out to Microsoft and will update if we hear back.

Additionally, ZDNet reports that some devices may see issues with certain Intel audio drivers (intcdaud.sys, versions – that "may result in excessive processor demand and reduced battery life," according to a Windows support document. Those users will be blocked from updating, though some may see a warning message. Those users affected should hit the back button and stay on the current version of Windows 10.

Intel says a fix for the audio driver problem is available in version, which is included with Intel Graphics Driver version Intel suggests that all users with 6th Gen or newer processors update to that graphics driver before updating.

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  • jimmysmitty
    The missing files issues looks to be more if people do something non standard with those folders. If they leave them as they are it looks like nothing changes from previous upgrades.

    That said anyone who is installing a full blown OS upgrade to their system and did not do some sort of backup before hand are at fault. People seem to like to "forget" to backup then blame anyone else when they should have just done a backup and everything would have been just fine.

    I personally have my user folders on a different drive. That way if I decide to reinstall I don't ever have to worry about losing anything.
  • InvalidError
    149725 said:
    That said anyone who is installing a full blown OS upgrade to their system and did not do some sort of backup before hand are at fault.

    There is one large hole in that argument: unless you go out of your way to disable automatic updates, Windows 10 doesn't ask permission before updating and rebooting, it simply picks a time window where you aren't typically using your computer.
  • USAFRet
    But the plug in that large hole is...why isn't there an actual backup anyway?

    Completely disregarding a major OS update..every time you press the power button, you should have a backup of anything critical.