Walmart Denies Reports That It Pulled Overpowered Gaming Desktops

Credit: WalmartCredit: Walmart

Reports that spread overnight and into this morning that Walmart is pulling its Overpowered-branded gaming desktops are incorrect. The Overpowered DTW1, DTW2 and DTW3 are still on sale at Walmart.

"Yesterday, we briefly removed the OP desktops to update product information," a Walmart spokesperson told Tom's Hardware. "They are now back on the site."

We were able to go to Walmart's website, find the product pages and add each of the gaming desktops to our cart. Prior reports suggested the machines had been pulled due to quality control issues that have earned great scrutiny on YouTube, including poor part selection, bad cable management and the use of glue.

We have an Overpowered DTW3 in our lab that we're benchmarking and plan to have a review up soon.

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