Vodafone Confirms Network Issues

If you’re on Vodafone and finding you’re having some issues with mobile connectivity this afternoon, you’re not crazy. The carrier has confirmed that it is indeed having problems with its service today.

Speaking to TechRadar Vodafone confirmed the problem but didn’t offer any specifics on why users may be having problems with the network.

"We know that some customers may be experiencing intermittent issues when using their phone this afternoon," the carrier told TechRadar. "The issue will not affect all customers and we're working hard to resolve this. We apologise for any inconvenience."

According to TR, users are reporting issues ranging from not being able to send text messages to not having any reception at all. So far, the Vodafone UK Twitter page is completely silent on the matter. The most recent tweet, posted six hours ago, relates to the carrier’s top five videos customers watched in December. The only other tweet pushed out today was a link to a video tom Vodafone’s HTC One Tech Team.

Stay tuned for updates! We'll update as soon as we have any more information on the cause or number of customers affected by this problem.

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