VisionNet 707EU/R ADSL Modem and Router

DQ Technology is now putting forth the VisionNet 707EU modem and 707ER modem router. The 707EU modem combines a DQ ADSL modem with both a USB and Ethernet connection. The VisionNet 707ER has all the features of the 707EU plus firewall protection and routing software. The VisionNet 707ER also has built-in support for PPPoE and PPPoA. The 707EU can be upgraded to a 707ER via online software download. DQ says that the 707ER router could be a good fit for telecommuters and small businesses because it supports standard VPNs that let remote workers securely connect to a LAN. The packet inspection firewall serves to protect small office LANs from outside intruders. The VisionNet 707EU and VisionNet 707ER are supposed to be available now, but I couldn't find them (or pricing info) on DQ's website . If you're interested in the modem or router, check back there later, maybe they haven't updated their site to show off the products yet.

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