Say Goodbye to VGA in 5 Years

The VGA port, or Video Graphics Array, has been connecting monitors to computers since almost the birth of the computer. In recent years, displays and computers have begun to adapt the newer DisplayPort and HDMI technologies which allow for less space and power consumption and higher resolutions.

Intel and AMD have announced that they will stop support for VGA beginning in 2013 and expect the technology to die out by 2015, being replaced by DisplayPort and HDMI ports. We have already seen plenty of video cards stop supporting VGA and it is no surprise that the two giants of the computer world are beginning to do it as well. Getting rid of VGA means slimmer laptops that allow for a much more vibrant and clear high resolution display than the more than 20-year-old VGA.

Nick Knuppfer, Intel's spokesperson, told TechNewsWorld, "HDMI and DisplayPort are modern digital interfaces that support higher resolutions and screen sizes."

This move will result in a much quicker integration of DisplayPort and HDMI technologies which will lead to higher resolutions and modern interfaces on the displays of the future. Samsung, LG and Dell have already begun to integrate DisplayPort technology on their devices and are on-board with Intel and AMD's plans for the death of the VGA port.

Despite the adaptation of newer technology, the 5-volt requirement on VGA ports would actually result in an overall increase in cost and PCB real estate. Because newer CPUs and GPUs are migrating below 45nm CMOS processes, supporting the VGA port would be difficult and likely result in moving the port off of the chip.

It's always a bittersweet type of feeling to see old technology go, but VGA's death will be for the best. What do you guys think? Anyone still using a VGA port?

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  • N19h7M4r3
    Me lol... i've got a 17" gateway monitor from back in the days... xD it works fine... but it takes up to much space, i've started to save up money for a nice LED LCD to clean up my desk lol.
  • balev
    Yeah, I'm moving to LED too. The quality is far better.
  • aje21
    What about DVI?
    Still using VGA as it's so common on basic LCD monitors.