Verizon Doubts Cablevision's 101 Mbps Internet

Cablevision wowed us all earlier this week when it announced that it would be offering a 101 Mbps cable internet service to its customers starting May 11 for $100 a month.

Even more impressive, perhaps, is word that its 101 Mbps would be uncapped – particularly given how cable providers such as Time Warner Cable (and even smaller ISPs like Sunflower Broadband) are all about restrictions.

Verizon isn’t convinced by Cablevision’s claims of speed, however. Verizon’s PR man Eric Rabe wrote in the company’s policy blog and post skeptical of Cablevision’s service promise.

“With today’s technology, you don’t have to break much of a sweat to deliver 100 Mbps to a few customers,” Rabe wrote. “But given the inherent limits of the cable platform, a cluster of bandwidth junkies living near each other could be a real problem.  One estimate is that a single 101 Mbps customer would use some 60% of the capacity in a neighborhood.  Other users?  Outta luck.”

“What happens when a customer with that speed hits the much slower Internet?” Rabe posed. “So Cablevision is offering very high speed service to a very limited number of customers when there is little evidence of market demand for the speed.  It is a parlor trick.”

Rabe goes on to say that a fiber optic is the future of networking – which few will contest – but also points out that many parts of the internet are still connected together at speeds slower than 100 Mbps, saying that is why customers aren’t demanding speeds in the 100 Mbps range today.

“For now, CVC’s leap to 101 Mbps is about market positioning and bragging rights rather than delivering a useful service to a mass customer market,” Rabe said.

In the end though, Rabe realizes that competition such as this is good for the consumer, as he adds, “Competition is a key innovation driver, so in that sense FiOS along with CVC's product and the ultra-high-speed services of others, have the potential to spur the entire industry to breed new ideas at all levels…applications, content, information as well as transport.”

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  • Anonymous
    Yeah I have to admit that me and my internet noob friends don't want internet at 101Mbps because some parts of the internet are connected together with connections slower than 100Mbps....

    I know thats why my parents haven't asked for faster internet because other parts of the internet aren't as quick....

    Come on man nobody in the real world (read average consumer) knows how the internet works. Why should people care that they won't always get full speed, its just nice to be able to burst upto the highest speed possible so its there when its needed.

    In the UK we have a national 8Mbps speed (limit) yet vast majority of households get somewhere nearer to 2Mb, do most consumers know this? No. Do most consumers realise that sitting all day watching video on demand is gonna get their connection capped, or worse, possible over charged?

    Internet service providing is becoming a bigger racket than protection was in the 50s.
  • Godiwa
    hmm the UK must suck then, I have 20/3 Mbit/s cable and it runs fine in full speed, especially if I grap updates via torrents then the speed just goes through the roof.

    saying the Internet is under 100Mbit is a huge mistake, maybe down to Australia, but Inter-US is connected with Terabit, and most of Europe is 1-10Gigabit for the national lines in/out of the country and in the big hubs and from those hubs the ISP's hook up with usually 1Gigabit connections.

    You can find more info if you take the time to research it a bit