Ten top notch Valentine's Day gift ideas from the Toms staff

So Singles Awareness Day is nearly upon us. A day when couples do coupley things and singletons, well, don’t.

The only problem is you have no idea what to buy for your significant other. Well, never fear, because it’s not like Toms to miss out on a Hallmark holiday, is it ?. Here’s ten of the best gift ideas (according to the Toms Crew of course, it is a matter of opinion and taste after all) for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Let’s start big and say laptop. They won’t expect it, but will they be disappointed ? Only if it’s a MacBook Air. . .

2. Any combination of video/computer games. This is an easy way out for the girlfriends (or boyfriends) out there that are unfortunate enough to be the other half of a 50 percent gamer relationship. Just take note of what they have in their collection and tell the teenager in your local Game to go nuts.

3. A red Swingline stapler. You might want to bundle this with the Office Space DVD just in case the rarity of a red Swingline stapler is lost.

4. A tshirt that says “Bugs come through open Windows”.

5. A USB watch. These exist. We found them on ThinkGeek.com. It’s only cool because it’s a gimmick but that doesn’t mean it should be frowned upon. You and your files will never be late again.

6. Any number of those stuffed microbes. They’re microbes multiplied to about 1,000,000 times the size. Give your girl the clap for Valentine’s.

7. Bake him/her a cake in the shape of a SNEZ.

8. Anything made out of lollipop sticks and tons of PVA glue is always endearing but not always impressive. If you’re going down that route, be sure to throw in something else to soften the blow.

9. Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set (Click here !). We love this idea. Mostly because while rooting around in the office before Christmas, we found one that we’d been sent years ago. Okay, all because we found one in the office. It’s another one of those “grow your own exotic garden in plastic ball" ideas and should be lumped into the same category as sea monkeys.

10. Nothing. What ? It’s a surprise, isn’t it ?

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