USB 2.0-to-ATA Reference Design Kit

Cypress Semiconductor is now pushing a reference design kit for USB 2.0 mass storage applications. The CY4611 reference design kit uses Cypress's EZ-USB FX2 controller to provide a USB 2.0-to-ATA bridge that supports various types of storage and IDE and ATAPI data transfer modes through UDMA-100. The CY4611 kit includes hardware and software for implementing the USB 2.0 interface in mass-storage peripherals such as CD-RW, DVD, magneto-optical, and hard drives. The CY4611 kit includes a small-form-factor demonstration board, firmware source and object code, and documentation. Operating system support includes drivers for Windows 98, standard operating system class drivers for Windows (XP, 2000 and ME), and standard operating system class drivers for the Mac OS (8.6, 9.0/9.1 and X). The kit's hardware files include schematics, bill of materials, and Gerber files. The CY4611 mass storage reference design kit is available now. Cypress customers can contact their local sales office to request a kit.

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