Does Unreal Still Look Unreal? Not Anymore!

With the rapid pace of hardware and software advancement, games keep looking better and better.

There's no question that games from previous decades look like silly puppet shows compared to what we get to see from Crysis, especially in light of this fantasy mod.

It's startling, then, to look back on this cover of Next-Generation magazine and see it declare that, "Yes, this is an actual PC game screenshot."

I still remember picking this issue up from my mailbox and marveling at Unreal's texturing and colored lighting. Oh, to see that game again through eyes from 1997.

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  • FunSurfer
    But the ambience of the game is still unreal and no other game has ever came close to it.
  • mi1ez
  • hundredislandsboy
    I wish I could flip through that magazine and see more pics and prices of those 3d cards too!