David Cameron Talks 5G at CeBit in Germany

The UK’s 4G LTE network isn’t quite as developed as similar infrastructure in other regions, but the government is already looking to the future. Speaking at CeBit in Germany today, David Cameron announced plans to work with Germany on the development of 5G technology. Cameron says this technology will allow us to download a full length feature film in less than a second with speeds up to 1000 times faster than 4G. The development will be a collaboration between the University of Dresden and King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey.

This is part of a bigger plan to partner with Germany on 'the next digital revolution,' and Cameron hopes it will eventually make the UK the most digital nation in the G8. The plan will mean partnering in three areas. The development of 5G aside, the UK and Germany will collaborate on strengthening the EU’s digital single market as well as the Internet of Things, one of the overlying themes across many of this year's technology conferences. To that end, Prime Minister Cameron announced an additional £45 million in funding for research in areas linked to the 'Internet of Things,' taking total pot available to £73 million.

"This is a world on fast forward. A world of permanent technological revolution. And in this world, countries like the UK and Germany will only succeed if we have a relentless drive for new ideas and innovations," said Cameron. "My mission here at CeBit is to promote the extraordinary tech sector we have in the UK. Four years ago, we put in place a long-term economic plan to turn our country around – and innovation is right at the heart of that plan."

CeBit runs from today, March 10, through to Friday, March 14.

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