Two Networked HD Media Players Compared

The Mvix MX-760 HD

The Mvix MX-760HD

The MX-760 HD is a diminutive little player measuring 7.4" (W) x 7.6" (H) x 2.3" (D); It's not much larger than a stack of 3 standard DVD cases. The Mvix player packs a lot of get-up-and-go into a very portable package; I say "portable", because the MX-760HD looks like it is designed to be moved about. All the Mvix gear can be gathered together under one arm in a matter of seconds and transported easily from one location to another.


The Mvix has a small cooling fan on the back. The fan makes very little noise so it's almost not worth mentioning; a word of caution though, in my experience, small quiet fans can potentially become monstrously noisy after they have been given time to gather a few months worth of dust. Finding a way to eliminate fans altogether definitely would have been preferable.


Media files are transferred to the Mvix via a USB interface. In order to add and remove files from the internal hard drive in the Mvix you need to connect it to a computer via a USB cable; the Mvix then goes into external hard drive mode. Media files and folders can be transferred or deleted or moved around just as you would with a regular USB hard drive. The Mvix's media user interface is inaccessible while it is connected to the computer and the player must be rebooted after the USB connection is terminated in order to resume normal functions.


The Mvix player allows you to view multimedia content via a wired 10/100 Mbsp Ethernet connection or via wireless IEEE-802.11b & g. The wireless connectivity is very convenient, but the Mvix's manual recommends that you avoid using the wireless connection if you are planning to stream HD content. I tested a few HD files over wireless 802.11g using a MIMO router for the best connection possible and found that Mvix's warning to avoid HD streaming over wireless was justified.

File tested: Result
HD MPEG2 Transport Stream @ 1080i Worse than a slide show. The first frame of the test video was displayed for the entire duration of playback.
HD DivX @ 720P, 1080i Choppy playback
HD WMV @720P, 1080i Choppy playback

Since this article is all about maximizing high def content I won't go into depth on SD files, but I tested all of the other standard SD file types that the Mvix supports and found that the wireless connection was sufficient to play all of them.

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