TSMC Says 40nm Issues are Resolved

Have you noticed any improvement in supplies of the ATI Radeon 5800-series of video cards? That's likely due to the increasing yield of 40nm production at fabrication house Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Mark Liu, Senior VP of Operations at TSMC, said that the chamber matching problems that had impacted yield rates for the company's 40nm node have been resolved, according to Digitimes.

Now TSMC's yield for 40nm product is at the same level as its 65nm product, signaling clear skies. This should be positive news for Nvidia, as its Fermi product is expected to utilize the 40nm process.

Read more about Fermi in our architecture preview.

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  • redkachina
    and hopefully.. should lower the prices of other cards as well..
  • wifiwolf
    Just in time for Fermi. Am I being paranoid?
  • goxon
    we can expect a cheaper card because failure chips is lover