Nvidia 3D Vision Vs. AMD HD3D: 18 Games, Evaluated

StarCraft II

AMD HD3D and the TriDef Ignition Driver:

Excellent 3D gameplay result, but slight anomalies in cut scenes

Using the TriDef ignition driver, StarCraft II renders flawlessly in actual gameplay. There are, however, some shadow anomalies in the cut scenes.

While the game natively supports 3D Vision with convergence and separation controls, those settings are not accessible when running AMD’s HD3D. The TriDef Ignition convergence control works fine, though.

Nvidia 3D Vision:

Excellent 3D result

From what we’ve seen, Nvidia’s solution appears to work nearly perfectly, despite a warning from the 3D Vision OSD that suggests some objects and effects might be affected by visual anomalies. The only issue we experienced was that 3D character portraits showed the edge of the character instead of the centre. But this is only a minor annoyance that disappears when 2D portraits are selected in the game settings.

Speaking of settings, StarCraft II has its own separation and convergence controls just for 3D Vision.

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  • damric
    To summarize...

    3D is pooooooooooooooooooooop

  • Anonymous
    3D Vision and Microsofts Flight Sim X is great!
  • Jay_83
    damricTo summarize...3D is poooooooooooooooooooooppoop

    I strongly disagree, man. Try it out. Can't speak for HD3D, because I run 3D vision. Batman AA, Assassin's Creed, Mafia 2, Crysis 2 and a few dozen other games look UNBELIEVABLE. Can't imagine going back.
  • sbuckler
    I have 3D and it can be amazing but artefacts are very annoying, hence in my opinion you can basically ignore any game that isn't flawless. In a flawless game everything is 3d - the menus, the cut scenes, and everything just works because they designed the game with 3D in mind.

    For me this means "3D Vision ready" games only (of which there are > 20 according to nvidia, and lots of AAA titles). As to how that's reflected in the chart above I think my minimum requirement is slightly above excellent :)

    For games that work (e.g metro 2033) it's just a different game in 3D - it feels more real, when you go back to 2D it feels flat and cartoony.
  • Anonymous
    Fantastic article on a topic that doesn't get enough attention, was going to grab a 3D monitor but may consider an IPS/PLS now as I don't think the support would be up to the level at which I'd like to buy in.

    Thanks for answering a lot of questions I had!!
  • Anonymous
    Dead Rising 2 was another game that had me going, OMG!