Trailblazing with CRW-F1 and DiscT@2!

Test Setup And Methods

Processor AMD Athlon 1700 XP
Memory 256MB PC2100
Hard drive IBM 120 GXP
CD drives Teac CD540E, Plextor 40X
Video card ATI Radeon 64MB DDR
Drivers & Software
DirectX 8.1a
OS Windows XP Pro
Benchmarks & Measurements
Application benches - Nero Burning Rom
- Clone CD
- InCD
Performance benches - Nero CD Speed
- DAE Speed 99
- CDR Diagnostics

The CRW-F1 was tested by the most complete and exact methods possible. The tests we ran were as follows:

Time taken to burn for 700MB. The operation was effected from hard disk to three 80-minute Fujitsu CD-Rs. The software used was Nero Burning Rom Time taken for a CD-to-CD copy on two identical CD-Rs. DAO-RAW copy test with Clone CD software. Analysis of a CD-R burned at maximum speed using CD-R Diagnostics. Burning of CD-Rs of different makes to test compatibility. Assessment of performance in reading and digital audio extraction using DAE Speed 99 and CD Speed 99 software. Estimate of speed in CD-RW mode. Overburn test.
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