Toshiba SS RX1 64 GB SSD notebook delayed

Tokyo (Japan) - Japanese notebook buyers (and U.S. buyers with an eye on the Japanese market) have been waiting for Toshiba SS RX1 for some time – and it appears that the wait isn’t over yet. The ultra-thin notebook, on of the first to be available with a 64 GB solid state disk (SSD) drive was scheduled to become available today, but has not surfaced yet, according to

The RX1 is expected to include a Core 2 Duo U7500 processor, a 12.1” screen and 1 GB of memory. The whole package is less than 0.8” thin and weighs about 850 grams – less than 2 pounds. The notebook is currently shipping in a standard configuration with an 80 GB hard drive.

No word on pricing yet.

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