Topre RealForce 104UW Keyboard Review

Topre, a contraction of its former company name “Tokyo Press Kogyo,” is a Japanese engineering company that has been making plastics and metal components since 1935. However, it also makes electronics, and the company has made a name for itself in the keyboard community for the Topre capacitive switch. These are famously used in the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) and Realforce lines of keyboards, the latter of which we’re looking at today.

The Realforce comes in tenkeyless (87U) and full-size (104U) form factors, and in white (UW) or black (UB). We have the white, fullsize version (104UW) on hand.


*During this review, Topre stopped responding to our requests for information.

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  • das_stig
    £210 for an old school clicky keyboard, can't see them selling a lot, even though I do miss them.