Top 10 PSP Hacks

Did you ever wonder what you can do with your new Sony PSP once you get bored with the games? This new handheld device, in fact, is a hotbed for hacks with which you can harness your PSP's full potential. And the best part is that most of them require you to do nothing more than drag and drop files onto your memory stick. Hacking hasn't been this easy since the axe was invented!

Before we get started, one note: In order to perform several of these hacks, your PSP needs to be running version 1.50 or earlier of the PSP's firmware. Versions 1.51 and 1.52 will not be able to run these and other homebrewed applications, though you'll still be able to do other things like put a decal on it or create an external battery pack for the device.

10. Change The Look Of It With A Decal

Is the default black of the PSP not doing it for you anymore? Do you have a tendency to get your PSP mixed up with your friends' PSPs? There are a few sites out there that offer decals - both pre-made and customizable - to give your PSP its groove back. Vinz Decals offers colors from 'Brushed Aluminum' (to match your Powerbook) to good old red. Decal Girl bumps it up a notch and adds flags, patterns and camouflage to your PSP - just in case you need to hide it from an enraged opponent hell-bent on smashing it.

One of the many skins for your PSP you're likely to find at Decal Girl.