The Top 10 of iPad Top Lists

People just love lists, especially ones that form an argument. There's something about the way we are today that makes listing out just one single side of a pros and con argument so instantly compelling.

As with all Apple products, there are clear love and hate sides – but never has this divide been clearer than with the iPad. Not only does it incite the feelings of those who love or hate the Cupertino company, but then there are those who have strong opinions on what the iPad means in the world of netbooks and e-readers.

  1. 10 Things Netbooks still do better than an iPad
  2. Ten Things Missing From the iPad
  3. Top 10 Reasons The Apple iPad Will Put Amazon’s Kindle Out of Business
  4. Three Reasons Why the iPad WON’T Kill Amazon’s Kindle
  5. Three Reasons Why the iPad WILL Kill Amazon’s Kindle
  6. 10 ways the Apple iPad changes the game
  7. 8 Things That Suck About the iPad
  8. Six PADDs I Would Actually Buy
  9. Zack’s Top 5 iPad Slogans
  10. And of course, our very own Five Ways Apple Can Fix the iPad

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  • horendus
    What is everyone talking about? i jizzed my pants when apple finally anouced it and im still jiz'n now, I desperatly want an iPad. I think it will even bring back written literature, something i missd out on because of a books lack of bling

    Everyone should harden the fk up
  • Skid
    Lol, its only been 2 days and already I'm getting sick of hearing about the iPad, if there is any reason it's going to sell its because of all the press its been getting, and I can only give Apple there props for that.

    I wonder if Steven Colbert will get the iPad he's been begging Apple to give him.
  • lunarus
    You know what, I bet it will sell but not to the people we all think it will, check out this from gizmodo:
    Makes sense when you read it