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Dear Tom's Hardware readers -

Many of you have been following my articles in the last two days about a gentleman named David Free and his macpadd.com site. I've posted three articles at this point, and have fully reported him to the PayPal, BBB, CCB, and RCMP. There will be retribution, and for sure Free will not get away freely for deceiving people and scamming.

However, instead of making the homepage of Tom's Hardware a constant battleground, I've decided to move the updates to a forum thread, which you can find here:


Also, I've finally decided to use my Twitter page for actual more real-time updates to this situation. If you want to follow me on Twitter and get updates on this situation with MacPadd.com, you can do so here:


Also, Jane, Marcus, Kevin and the rest of the Tom's Hardware team are on Twitter too.

On Twitter and in the forums, anyone can say what they wish to say about this situation. But I want to keep the TH homepage looking and feeling clean, comment wise.

Yes, this is an open invitation to David Free: If you want to respond to me and the hardware community, you're more than welcomed to do so! Perhaps you can tweet me that tracking number I've been waiting for.

Anyways, as readers, you can ask me about the situation, ask for more details, or ask about anything else on my Twitter page or in the forums.

Thanks for your support,

/ Tuan

Tuan Nguyen
Director, News Operations

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  • luissantos
    Man, enough is enough!!! 4 articles in 2 days... stop being such a crybaby and grow the hell up. Such a disgusting display of prepotence and abuse of power/ job position/title... so you've been ripped off, haven't we all? Go cry to your momma and leave the NEWS SECTION for NEWS, not your stupid, childish, anguished cries, schemes and self-righteous bullshit...

    Mr. Free, don't think my disgust towards the article writer is any bigger than the one I have towards you... but atleast you're not in my face all the time I crave for news.

    Damn bastards, go settle your dispute somewhere else and leave us out of it FFS!